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We have found that treatment and medicine are only treating the disease, but the disease is the tip of the iceberg, and the unexposed “microcirculatory disorder" is the root of all subhealth problems.

Running Water Conditioning

Water is the first of nutrition, and water is the king of all medicines. With the increasing environmental pollution, a glass of good water suitable for human needs is becoming more and more rare. Sufficient drinking of good water with seven indicators in one step is the primary basis of health. According to the human drinking water standard promulgated by the World Health Organization in 1984 [average daily water intake = body weight kg*35 (+-5ml)], there are individual differences in the level of tissue metabolism. Therefore, in fact, individual drinking water needs are different. Appropriate dosage.


Breathing Conditioning

Molecular hydrogen medicine is the safest and most effective treatment method discovered by mankind. The high-purity hydrogen ventilator developed by Sevenstep health technology has a hydrogen flow rate ranging from 100 to 300 ml/min, helping people easily achieve home health management. The hydrogen inhalation time is one hour a day to make a base, the longer the better.


Food Conditioning

According to the physical characteristics of most modern people, sub-health problems such as heat in the upper part and cold in the lower part, imbalance of yin and yang, and blockage of phlegm-dampness have become the norm. Sevenstep health technology developed a nutritional meal replacement bar with the same origin of medicine and food and seven targeted conditioning teabags with the same origin of medicine and food. It strengthens the spleen and stomach, regulates the triple burner, eliminates phlegm and eliminates dampness, strengthens the body and nourishes the vitality. It is suitable for long-term meal replacements for men, women, old and young, and can effectively strengthen people's immune system.


Medicine Conditioning

According to the physical characteristics of modern people, Sevenstep health technology health managers recommend mature over-the-counter Chinese patent medicines, such as Renshen Guipi Pills, Fuzi Lizhong Pills, Shenling Baizhu Pills, Jinkuishenqi Pills, Liuwei Dihuang Pills, etc. Dialectical application according to individual physical conditions.


Physiotherapy Conditioning

According to the physical characteristics of modern people, Sevenstep health technology has developed seven targeted conditioning foot packs, pain point-oriented, and standardized application according to the map. Help people achieve home health management, and easily solve a series of sub-health problems such as three highs, gout, excessive Helicobacter pylori, obesity, and sleep disorders.


Exercise Conditioning

According to the physique, dialectically propose suitable exercise programs for people. Do 5-15 minutes of mild stretching yoga, Tai Chi, Ba Duan Jin, Pai Ba Xu and other simple and general exercise methods from time to time every day, which are easy to learn and practice, and have remarkable results.


Psychological Cultivation

The heart is the root of all problems! Through the method of Vipassana, we help people to further do meditation on the basis of fully understanding themselves and understanding the universe and life, and reshape the world outlook (cosmic outlook and outlook on life). Believe in cause and effect, understand the cause of the disease, and then reflect on the cause, and self-correct the body, speech, and mind, in order to conform to the way of heaven and feel the way. Three provinces every day, cultivating the mind and nourishing the nature, will surely cure diseases and preserve health, and get twice the result with half the effort! The secret to nourishing the heart is: accept, let go, and open.


Five treatments and two nourishments have been done enough, and general sub-health problems will be cured soon (3 to 14 days). In severe cases, it can start to take effect in seven days and last for 6 to 18 months (individual differences). It is expected to be cured.


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