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The most important component in the human body is water. Many ancient Chinese medicinal books classified "water" as a type of "medicine." For example, Li Shizhen, a pharmacist from the Ming Dynasty, included water as the first "medicine" in his book "Compendium of Materia Medica." He stated, "Good water is the king of all medicines, while bad water is the source of countless diseases." Wang Shixiong, a medical practitioner from the Qing Dynasty, also emphasized the importance of water in his dietary book "Dietary Recipes for Dwelling and Resting." In modern scientific terms, water constitutes around 70% of the human body and plays a vital role in transporting substances and regulating metabolism. Statistics show that the prevalence of diet and lifestyle-related diseases, such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes, commonly known as "diseases of affluence," is increasing among adults. Additionally, there are significant concerns about the physical and mental health of young people. Therefore, understanding how to maintain a scientifically healthy lifestyle has become crucial. There is an old saying in China: "Nutrition from food is better than medicine, hydration is better than nutrition. Water is the foremost source of nutrition, and it is the king of all medicines." Thus, the journey to a healthy lifestyle begins with "drinking good water."

Located in the health industry, Sevenstep (Xiamen) Health Technology Co., Ltd is a comprehensive national high-tech enterprise that integrates independent research and development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service. Committed to the mission of "helping 1.4 billion Chinese people become managers of their own health and guardians of their family's health," the company has launched a series of high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights in five major categories: direct drinking water, water purification for personal care, natural cosmetics, hydrogen oxygen respiration, and disinfection and control. More than 80% of sub-health problems, such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, gout, Helicobacter pylori overgrowth, and constipation, can be effectively addressed by Sevenstep's non-pharmaceutical interventions, providing comprehensive protection for the health of people in this era.

A Pioneer on the Entrepreneurial Journey

With economic progress and societal development, people's lives are becoming better, and their perception of health is evolving. Based on international experience, when a country's per capita GDP reaches 3,000 US dollars, there is a qualitative leap in people's health concepts and health-related consumption. China is currently at such a juncture in the development of the large health industry, which implies enormous business opportunities. In recent years, with the implementation of the "Healthy China 2030" national strategy, the Chinese large health industry market has maintained stable growth. From 2015 to 2019, the market size of China's large health industry increased from 5.2 trillion RMB to 8.1 trillion RMB, and it is expected to continue growing, reaching approximately 13.4 trillion RMB by 2024. Renowned economist Song Qinghui believes that the large population base, the trend of aging society, and people's awakening awareness of health will drive the rapid development of the large health industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has further heightened people's appreciation for their health, and the large health industry has entered the era of "universal demand." However, even before the large health market was developed in 2004, the founder of Sevenstep (Xiamen) Health Technology Co., Ltd, Zhang Litai, had already been researching the field of large health. Two close encounters with death made him deeply aware of the importance of health and fostered his vision to "serve the people." So, what kind of work truly serves the people?

Rising to Challenges: Vanguard of the Health Industry

Success is not achieved overnight but by facing adversity head-on. Without predecessors for guidance, theoretical basis, relevant literature, or any product references, Sevenstep (Xiamen) Health Technology Co., Ltd established a team and embarked on independent research and development, driven by the spirit of perseverance and hard work. The founder of Sevenstep, Zhang Litai, holds records of consecutive five sleepless nights in both the car and the laboratory, as well as spending 25 consecutive days sleeping in the office. Even when his eyes bled from exhaustion, he persisted in researching, experimenting, and pushing boundaries. So far, numerous health-related products have flooded the global market, but they either fail to address the core issues or offer temporary relief. However, the tens of thousands of cases where Sevenstep's products have effectively resolved sub-health problems serve as proof that the company has developed a unique competitive advantage. The four major characteristics of Sevenstep's products are as follows: first, uniqueness, with over 80% of the products being unparalleled worldwide; second, universality, catering to people of all ethnicities, genders, and ages; third, effectiveness, providing visible results to all users; and fourth, safety, as evidenced by the absence of side effects in tens of thousands of real cases, surpassing even mineral water in terms of safety.

Sevenstep is dedicated to providing practical solutions for the overall well-being of humanity. The company has independently developed a series of internationally pioneering health products with independent intellectual property rights. It introduced the innovative concept of the "Three Elements of Health": maintaining good microcirculation in the body, ensuring unobstructed meridians, and providing sufficient essential nutrients. Building upon this concept, Sevenstep proposed a practical implementation plan called "Five Adjustments and Two Nourishments" for comprehensive health management. This plan includes measures such as active water regulation, respiratory regulation, dietary regulation, medication regulation, therapeutic regulation, physical exercise nourishment, and mental well-being. The company has launched various product lines, including direct drinking water, water purification for personal care, natural cosmetics, hydrogen oxygen respiration, and disinfection and control. It is widely recognized that Germany and Japan are the most advanced countries in terms of health management. However, Sevenstep's technological products have surpassed the advancements in these two nations. Impressed by the remarkable efficacy of Sevenstep's product series, the founder, Zhang Litai, was appointed as the Vice President of the "All Japan Society of Health Medicine Research." Sevenstep has also pioneered the establishment of the first domestic "Intelligent Health Mall," creating an integrated online and offline health management service center. With its roots in Fujian and serving as a model city in Xiamen, Sevenstep extends its reach nationwide by collaborating with residential and commercial property departments, offering one-stop sales, installation, and after-sales services, and bringing healthy drinking water to countless households. Gradually, Sevenstep has evolved into a comprehensive national high-tech enterprise that encompasses product research and development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales services. The company has applied for 14 invention patents and over 20 utility model patents. Four new technological products have received special approvals from the Ministry of Health. Sevenstep has successfully obtained the ISO 9001 certification and has been honored with titles such as "315 Key Recommended Brand" and "High-tech Enterprise."

Benefitting the Masses: Leading the National Health Movement

Sevenstep (Xiamen) Health Technology Co., Ltd not only rises to challenges and overcomes technical obstacles in product development but also aims to create an inclusive platform for the general public—a comprehensive system for realizing overall human health. The company upholds the business philosophy of "Every detail is an act of love," guided by the principles of purity, ecology, nature, and health. Its mission is to help individuals become self-managers of their health and guardians of family well-being. The company's logo is designed in the shape of a water droplet, serving as a constant reminder to the employees of Sevenstep to deliver excellent products and services while embodying the entrepreneurial spirit of "Every detail is an act of love" and urging them to stay true to their original aspirations. The goal is to truly implement the concept of comprehensive health, alleviate the nation's concerns, strengthen the people's well-being, and strive for a lifetime without regrets in this era of peace and prosperity.

President Xi Jinping has emphasized the significance of national health, stating that "Happiness and good health are of utmost importance in life," and "There can be no comprehensive well-off society without national health." He has proposed advocating for a healthy and civilized lifestyle, fostering a sense of hygiene and health consciousness, shifting the focus from disease treatment to people's health, establishing a comprehensive health education system, enhancing the health literacy of the entire population, and promoting the integration of nationwide fitness and public health. Sevenstep not only aims to be a practitioner in the journey towards national health but also strives to be a leader in the field of national public health. The company is committed to providing practical solutions for the autonomous health management of all humanity. In recent years, suboptimal health status has been spreading among the middle-aged and young population. According to survey data on chronic diseases in China, the number of people over 40 with chronic diseases is projected to triple in the next 20 years. The products under Sevenstep can help a vast number of sub-healthy individuals address health issues and enhance their immune capabilities. Sevenstep believes that mere physical robustness alone constitutes only small-scale health. True holistic health is achieved when both the body and the mind receive proper nourishment—having a robust physique, a correct worldview, and healthy behavioral habits. Ultimately, improving the overall quality of the nation must start with cultivating the heart and commence and conclude with education. A populace that is physically healthy and possesses a psychologically discerning, inclusive, proactive, and optimistic mindset represents the ultimate achievement of national health. Through a series of free videos and courses, Sevenstep assists people in learning about health management, self-awareness, self-transformation, and helps individuals develop a genuine sense of health consciousness and happiness, ultimately realizing the highest level of national health management.

In its future development plans, Sevenstep aims to recruit distributors within the scope of 2,846 districts and counties nationwide. The company will implement a systematic education program for its distributors, empowering them to represent Sevenstep and deliver the concept of health management to households across the country, promoting comprehensive health nationwide. In the future, Sevenstep also hopes to gain recognition from the government and collaborate with relevant national institutions to contribute to reducing expenses related to social security, medical insurance, and elderly care. By doing so, it aims to better and faster achieve the grand strategy of building a "Healthy China."